Roof Cleaning

An old roof will accumulate moss and lichen over time. This not only looks unsightly but also dramatically affects the efficiency of your roof. A layer of moss on a roof will absorb rain water and act like a fridge, meaning that the insulation and efficiency of the roof is compromised.

Thomas Roof Restoration will check the underlying felt and the battens, replacing them if necessary, reposition the roof tiles, ips and clean off all the moss and lichen using the specialised cleaning equipment picture here.

We will also check for broken and cracked tiles and replace them. Once this process is completed, we will treat the roof with a base primer, an under-coat and a top-coat to seal and protect the tiles. Roof repair, clean and paint is a 3 stage process and dependent upon the weather and the size of the roof, will typically take three days to complete.

We use Britannia Tilecoat which is an advanced coating system that is long lasting, protective and gives a decorative finish. The top-coats come in a range of colours and will make your roof look like new and at a fraction of the price of re-tiling!

  • High quality, water based acrylic coating
  • Long lasting external decorative and protective finish for concrete and fibre cement roof tiles
  • Excellent durability and colour properties
  • Contains algicide and fungicide

Roof tiles cleaned

Coating roof tiles